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Stocking Stuffer Sale!

Hey! Starting today and running through December 22nd (we’ll be closed on the 23rd-26th), we’re having a Stocking Stuffer Sale.

What this means is that we’re giving an EXTRA 10% off certain items in the store which are already under $10. Some people have asked me, how do you buy gifts at a healthfood store, so I figured I’d make a list of great gift ideas.

For starters, I recently got in an aweosme looking product called Skin Food. Skin Food is a certified organic mixture of Coconut oil, palmfruit oil, beeswax, and a few other oils. It’s great for healing up and protecting skin. Think of it like chap stick for your body. It smells great by the way, and is contained in 75% post-consumer content.

Skin Food is on sale for $8.09 (and get it even cheaper still if you buy a case of 9) as part of our Stocking Stuffer Sale.

The next set of products is another skin-care set, but this one is for the man of the house.  Bulldog Natural Skincare for Men has recently come to the US, and it’s been a hit.  I’ve used the products for a few days as of writing this, and I very much enjoy them.  They’re animal and eco-friendly, BUAV approved, all natural, and a great product.

Unfortunately, the moisturizer isn’t discounted, but the the shave gel, face wash, and face scrub are on sale for $8.09, and the aftershave balm is currently $8.90.

Everyone loves a treat, which is why I’ve included not just Larabars, but all our bars, from Kind fruit and nut bars to Cliff bars to Macro bars to our Dagoba and Endangered Species chocolate bars.  They’re all an extra 10% off (and again, even more when you buy in bulk).

There are too many brands and types involved to go into specific prices, but suffice it to say, individually wrapped treats are on sale.

Everyone likes smelling nice too, when they enjoy their treat, so we’re including all our under soaps.  Popular selections are the South of France soups and the Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps.

There are many more soaps, but these are our most popular, and are on sale for $5.09 and $3.64 respectively.  If you haven’t tried these, you need to, they’re amazing.

Burts Bees!  They have shampoos, chap sticks, hand cremes, lip shimmers, all kinds of craziness.  Again, it’s too many different products to go into, but any Burt’s Bees product under $10 gets an additional 10% off.

Think IAM shots are a cute, fun, and more healthy alternative to pick-me-ups and commonplace energy drinks.  They come in 4 types, an immune booster, a energy drink, a rest formula, and a mood booster.  They’re small (just a few inches tall), bright, colorful, and a perfect quick gift for someone who uses something like 5-hour energy.

Keep in mind, there’s more on sale than just these products, but they’re some great starter ideas.  If nothing here strikes your fancy, we have gift certificates.

Winter Hours

Here are the closure dates for the upcoming months, as well as weather closures.

November 24th-25th, Thanksgiving

December 1st-3rd, SOHO Industry Trade Show

December 23rd-24th, Christmas

December 31st, New Years Eve

Also, our store is at a dangerous intersection, traffic-wise.  The roads leading to it all have a moderate slope, and our parking-lot itself has a relatively steep slope.  Because of this, for our protection as well as yours, we will be closing on days with ice or heavy snow on the roads.  Our twitter feed (on the right panel of this page) will say if we are closed.  Feel free to call or e-mail the shop before coming in, if you like.

November sale: Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality Products

All month long, we have the Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality line on sale at 20% off.  With products like the great de-stresser Natural Calm, this is a great gift (to others AND yourself) for the holidays.

We also have the Organic Life Vitamins, which are an award winning liquid multivitamin with fruit antioxidants and aloe vera.  It even has the ConcenTrace trace mineral complex, the very same trace mineral complex I was bragging on over the summer.

From muscle pain and tension to stress to just feeling good, Natural Vitality has something for you, so swing by and see us!

Umcka ColdCare and Alive Multivitamins are 20% off all October

Umcka ColdCare is a product made from the Umbuckaloabo plant (AKA South African Geranium).  Umcka is a save and effective medicine for anyone dealing with congestion, cough, sore throat, bronchial issues, or any of the other signs of cold.  Instead of masking the symptoms, Umcka promotes actual healing and speeds the body’s recovery.

It’s available in drops and in a cherry or menthol-mint flavor, and it’s clinically proven to work, with a couple of studies already under its belt.

Alive multivitamins are a good wholefood multivitamin with formulas for men, women, men 50+, and women 50+, as well as offering an original and a one-a-day formula.  These are great multivitamins, and a big step up from many vitamins you find and major retailers.


Both of these products will be an extra 20% off this month, so swing in and get some.

GT’s Kombucha sale nearly at a close

This Saturday will be the last day to get GT’S Kombucha at an extra 10% off.

Starting next week, the only way to get that extra 10% is to buy them by the case (12 bottles minimum.)

Case discounts are available for every product, and mix-and-match cases are ALWAYS accepted.  If you’re unsure about case quantity, just ask.



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